The Latest Arrival

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The Latest Arrival

Post by JRyu on Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:37 am

So, my first IM bodied Makie finally arrived. I went all the way and ordered a Cocoa Bean skinned one to boot. Lol, "in for a penny, in for a pound" you know. Very Happy

Since I ordered as a guest and used paypal, so it went to my old email. Even though I'd given them my preferred email. I found the order confirmation, of course, after I'd emailed Support.

Lol, I was so busy with all the craziness going on with the new/revamped website, missing Makies, strange non-sale sales, then real sales with crazy shipping prices, that I was quite surprised when I got a recorded call from DHL telling me I had a pkg scheduled for delivery on the 9th. Shocked
The only thing it could be was my Makie order, so I checked my old email for a shipping notice from the Lab. I needed the tracking number since I wasn't fast enough to manage to grab a pen and paper before the recording rattled it off. It never seems to occur to DHL, and other businesses for that matter, that people don't spend their every waking moment carrying a pen and a notepad around. Wink However, no shipping notice from the lab, and no response from Support when I emailed them about it.

So, I had no real proof that the pkg was my Makie order, and no tracking number. Looked like I was going to have to wing it on the 9th, and hope that the pkg would either come while I was home, up, and about, or that the note in my file to leave pkgs was still good.

No pkg or delivery attempt notice that morning, and none when I got back from my appointment that afternoon. Neutral Okaay.... Maybe they got the phone number wrong, and it was someone else's pkg......or maybe they said the 9th, because that was actually the date it was due to arrive in "Hawaii" meaning Oahu, not my Island. *light bulb goes on!*

Lol, you would be surprised at the number of people who simply don't seem to consider the fact that: 1) Hawaii is way out in the middle of the Pacific, roughly half way between the U.S. And Japan. and 2) that Hawaii consists of more than just the one Island called Oahu. Rolling Eyes Laughing

So even though I didn't have the tracking number, I left a note asking the DHL ninja to please leave the pkg if no one answered the door. Lol, they come in the darkness and are so stealthy the dogs don't even hear them! Wink

Sure enough, I get up the next morning to find Firlee.

Firlee, it turns out, is a boy. He is also another Borrible, I seem to be attracting a lot of Makie Borribles. Wink

Lol, I had to fix his lips, before he would let me take any pictures. The Lab had given him light neon pink "lipstick". It was positively fluorescent, lol, "you could even say it glowed". Shocked Laughing

He seems to be fitting in quite well with the others. Smile Here he is posing with Moley, who promptly claimed the cute shirt from the Puppy PJs set.

Later on, he spent sometime chatting about skateboarding with Triskel. I think Triskel was telling Firlee about one of his more dangerous tricks here. Wink

Firlee loves to take photos, he's already promised to let Moley pose for him, and to take pictures of Triskel and Chime on their skateboards. Very Happy


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Re: The Latest Arrival

Post by Chove on Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:01 pm

Looking good!


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