Ebay Makies - Sweetie is here!

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Ebay Makies - Sweetie is here!

Post by Purple_Monkfish on Mon Mar 14, 2016 5:10 pm

So for those who weren't aware, one of our members here was insanely generous and actually won Sweetie for me. I gesture i'm still in shock over and even though I have the doll now in my hands, I still can't quite believe such kindness and amazingness.
I don't believe i've ever had anyone be so generous and do something so shockingly lovely before. It was just such an amazing thing to do and words cannot adequately express my gratitude. I'm forever in your debt JR, and this doll will be forever treasured.

So, of course i'm sure people are wanting to see the doll that's brought such tears to my eyes and who had me fitfully dreaming about her before the auctions had even ended. Oh Sweetie... she managed to worm her way into my heart so fast and so against my will!
Makies do that don't they?

Cute little message from JR. I assume you asked the seller to add this and it's such an adorable little thing. Aloha!

There's a little label on the lid telling which doll is which. I don't know if this was done by the lab themselves or the seller to differentiate.

Noah came to investigate

Hello new girl!

She came with her certificate and the old poster on Makie care. Eeee. I've never seen either in real life so that's awesome.
Also, she's properly pale green!
She photographed a little grey in some shots, but believe me, she's green!

She has a full faceup that wasn't sealed. Not sure pink is the best colour against pale green skin, makes her a little ghoulish.

Her wig was cemented down pretty hard, but some pulling got it off eventually.

Interesting thing I noticed, her skull cap isn't dyed. It's white. I assume they couldn't be bothered removing the wigs to dye these caps. Anyone else's still got a white cap?

She has a REALLY flat profile. And really pointy elf ears that her hair totally hid. They have next to no lobe and seem a lot more well.. triangular than the cutie elf ears.

Time to try some wigs. pink looked kinda cute.

Red made her look a little sorrowful.

I like the purple against the green skin.

Oh her jeans were actually on backwards, I turned them around for photos (they have a stitched fly for goodness sake! lol)

Her whole outfit is actually super gender neutral. I rather like it.
It's nicely made, though the jacket thing is random and a bit... not anything.

Had to take her head off to get her shirt off. The classic bodies had a different neck knob section to the cuties and IM bodies. The classics could go onto v2 bodies though, not sure if they were backward compatible though. Possibly.

I now have a boy and a girl alpha bodied Makie!

interesting things:

The boys have different hands to the girls
Noah's feet are way less defined than Sweetie's, you can barely make out his toes. He's a first run doll so maybe this was an error? Dunno. Just odd.
Sweetie's lower legs haven't taken the dye as well as the rest of her lol.
Classic boys have a "bulge" moulded in. Both bodies have belly buttons and subtle nipples!
the hinge joint of the legs limits their ability to bend their leg. It can't quite manage 90 degrees because it hits the upper piece of leg. The v2 bodies have much better motion in the legs.

New outfit. I knew i'd find a doll to wear the Monster High shoes eventually lol.

Faceup time! The pink made her look ghoulish and didn't bring out enough of the green in her skin, so a little green blushing, green lips, some more obvious freckles and some eyelashes to bring out her femininity. Classic girl Makies really can look a bit androgynous, they have quite square jaws. With a short wig from my stash (it was silver), Sweetie totally looked like a boy heh.

Here she is in the gloom of our living room. See? She's definitely GREEN.

Jemima's cutie face makes Sweetie's head look enormous lol.

The "green" crew. Believe it or not, Alias and Nhaj were BOTH dyed with "Kelly Green" dye. Alias I used Rit, and he turned a beautiful peacock greenish blue. Pretty, but not what it said on the pack. Nhaj I used Idye and I don't know if I just did it wrong or the dye in the pack was mislabelled, but immediately he turned a deep emerald colour, NOT kelly green.
Now, FINALLY I have a properly pale green doll! YAY!

Sweetie's smile reminded me of my own happy little mad scientist August. They have similarly shaped jaws too.

Long lost cousins?

Sweetie also got to meet Vicky, my other classic faced girl.

Vicky was NOT impressed

And you know what? There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with this doll. Her joints are tight, everything bends as it should, she can still balance just fine. I can't work out why the poor things were shoved in a box. I mean, the lab tried to sell them several times, they even dyed them and listed them up on the website. So why did they put them in a box and forget about them rather than drop the price or something? Feels like a frightful waste of resources and honestly, i don't know what this "they might be broken" thing was all about. This one at least isn't broken in the slightest, she's fine. Her outfit is intact and not decaying, I can see nothing that would make her "unsaleable" other than her being on a discontinued body. I just really can't figure out why they didn't clearance these when they switched to the v2 bodies. It breaks my heart to think the lab wanted these dolls crushed and recycled, that's horrible!

Of course we don't know the full story here but even so, it seems very odd to have shoved these dolls all in a box to be forgotten when there's nothing obviously wrong with them. As for why they were left to a clearance company, well, I honestly believe they totally forgot the boxes of old dolls existed. They were probably in a cupboard somewhere.

But i'm thankful the clearance person saw what he had was saleable and we fans were able to rescue them from their dusty cardboard fate. It's sad to think we're their first owners, despite being made back in 2012 they never sold, they never had a "forever home". Poor dollies!

Well Sweetie has her forever home now, she's going nowhere! She may have had to bid farewell to her companions for the past 4 years, but she's got plenty of new friends to make here. Heh.

Of course after so long not seeing the sun, she wanted to go soak up some rays. It's cold outside, but it's beautifully sunny today so she scampered up the apple tree and refused to come down.

I think she's really going to love it here.


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Re: Ebay Makies - Sweetie is here!

Post by jupiternames on Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:06 am

She's beautiful! I love what you've done with her. She looks so happy! I also think it would have been unbearable to have recycled these dolls for materials. It would have been heartbreaking!


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