(SOLD) 3DP Strawberry Milk Male Body for sale

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(SOLD) 3DP Strawberry Milk Male Body for sale Empty (SOLD) 3DP Strawberry Milk Male Body for sale

Post by nattherat on Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:13 am

Hey all!
Just a quick sales post really, I want to give you guys first dibs really before I put this on ebay.
After modding my Makie Gil's head to hybrid onto a BJD body, that left his old but perfectly intact body homeless! Or headless. Well, both really, since I can't keep it!

(SOLD) 3DP Strawberry Milk Male Body for sale 12383446_1570009653325350_1692319546_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTE5NzQxNDUzMDI0MzMyMzAxMA%3D%3D
It's entirely 3DP and in great full working condition. It's been body-blushed (permanent), and has been modded in the armpit area to increase arm mobility. For full disclosure, this means I carved out a couple of mm from under his arm so that he could touch his hands onto his tummy. I didn't colour match the carved armpit since I always intended to constantly cover it with clothes.

It was printed in August last year, as part of the final wave of 3DP dolls before IM came in. There's no joint wear, all of the silicone bits are there, etc. As part of the custom work, all of his piebaldism has been sealed. Parts have faded a little as they're wont to do, but they look quite natural still, and it'd be no difficulty to darken them back up if you decided to.

It's strawberry milk colour, the image on the left is the colour in natural daylight. He could be great for spares, or perfect if you wanted a body customised with piebaldism!
The head is not included of course, just the body as pictured on the left. Comes with default hands and feet, but also a spare hand (I believe it was called the "rock on" hand maybe?) that has also been customised with piebaldism.

£30, plus shipping (Royal Mail Small Parcel for the UK is £3.30 for example). I'll ship anywhere as long as the shipping is paid for. The body has already been packed up and is ready to be sent out pretty much immediately. Please let me know if you're interested! Very Happy

(Sorry about the kind of blurry photo, my DSLR SD card has gone runabouts so the photos are from my phone. Hopefully I'll find the card in the meantime >.< )

SOLD. Very Happy


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