Floor tiles from PoundWorld (UK)

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Floor tiles from PoundWorld (UK) Empty Floor tiles from PoundWorld (UK)

Post by IndigoAndAsh on Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:28 pm

Wasn't sure if this should go under shops or crafts, since it's kind of a "base material".

PoundWorld is currently carrying* sticky-back floor tiles - I picked up a pack of the wood effect, they also have some that look like bathroom tiles. You get 4 per pack, and they're 12 x 12 inches each so they cover a decent area, and can be cut with decent sharp scissors.

I've just trimmed the edges of the sticky back covering and set two on the table top for now, they make an excellent "living room" floor. I may stick them to something once I've decided what/where.

(*Given the nature of Poundworld they may or may not be in your local shop, sorry!)


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