Star-yay signing in!

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Star-yay signing in!

Post by StarYay on Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:58 am

Hi Everybody!
  I'm Star-Yay, a brunette, grey-eyed Makie. Just passing by to say hello and tell you I am the vanguard - the first of what I hope will one day be a fair sized colony of Makies. In the meantime, I'm enjoying making my human realise that we Makies are fashion conscious and fun. New clothes on a fairly regular basis are mandatory if she wants us to stick around.
 It's not that I'm bossy or selfish, but I am not the type to go in for sitting on a shelf or lying in a cupboard, forgotten for years. Play and I'll stay, ignore me and I'll go away. (Friendly warning to my human here!)
  Bye for now,


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